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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"You can't stop what's coming...'

James and Ryan grew up in different worlds, James being from upstate New York, and Ryan being from regular state Kansas.

James went to Syracuse University where he played Ukelele in a Lifehouse cover band, and Ryan went to Kansas State University and struggled to control his mild alcoholism and obsession with Muppet Movies.

Their paths crossed in 2006, when they began working together at the Naples Daily News in Naples, FLORIDA, and began fighting immediately on a bi-weekly basis. As much as they fought, they also grew to respect each other in a way that rivaled a classy hooker and her John.

The two parted ways in 2007, when James moved back to New York to pursue a job near his hometown (by "hometown," " girl" is meant), but never lost sight of his passion for video production, despite being completely whipped. Meanwhile, Ryan remained alone in Naples, a little dead inside (both from a sense of loss, and also Red Tide from the ocean), and eventually moved to Las Vegas to work where he could also drink more recklessly. [editor's note: now that Ryan is in Vegas, he stays in Vegas]

James and Ryan still contact each other bi-weekly, to argue about everything from the world's greatest tap dancer to who would win in an arm wrestling contest between a depressed hobo and a ballerina who is half-Canadian.

"Sounding Bored" is a phenomena almost 2 years in the making. Whilst running hither and yon creating video news and entertainment content, they long desired to create a audio podcast
where they could give the outside world a harrowing glimpse into two lives that make a Fall Out Boy/Sum 41 "concert" seem cool. As fate drew them apart (and audio podcasts became SOOOO 2005),
the idea was shelved for what seemed like good. In fact, the only evidence of the original idea that still exists is an opening theme song which
you can now find on this site.

Then it dawned on James, or Ryan, depending who you ask, "WHY DON'T WE SHARE A BLOG FROM DIFFERENT ENDS OF THE COUNTRY!!!!!!!?!!!!!." Mental labor is birthing this
brain child, and while their creative cervix is still squeezing, we guarantee that soon enough there will be a glorious newborn page to add to your morning routine, as well as a tasty placenta.

"WHAT will they feature?"

Enthralling commentary on almost anything!
They'll talk sports, but you don't need to have 3 subscriptions to college recruiting sites and 7 fantasy teams to keep up with them.
They'll talk entertainment, but you don't need to have TMZ, ET, and TRL [is that still around?] TiVod to catch the vibe.
They'll talk Politics, but you physically pleasuring a sitting president or governor is not a pre-requisite to feel "in" [cough]
Most of all, they'll talk life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness not starring Will Smith [there you have it, first pop-culture ref!]

"AW, a bunch of WORDS?"

No! they'll give you audio, pictures, and even video from time to time!

"MAN, these guys are dumb..."


"Who is this page for?"

Anyone who hasn't thrown their cute Mini-Mac book out the window yet.

"Wait, isn't this whole "About" section, which is being composed in third person format, just
being typed by Ryan and James themselves? Kind of self serving don't you think..."

NO! My name is I IS, and if the God of Moses was "I am that I am," then I is what I IS.

"So get ON with it already..."

picky, picky....

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