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Monday, May 12, 2008

Drag Queens and Duct Tape

My friend Michelle Cassel in Naples, Florida has put together a great documentary centered around two drag queens at a local Naples bar called Snappers. So if you dig dudes in drag (James), then this video is for you. Although this isn't really what we blog about on a daily basis, after watching the video I think it should be out on any and all avenues to the public.
And, what else can I say? Dudes in leather and short skirts is different, and it's great to see a video on something different.

Aside from showing the people of Naples what they're missing out on every Friday and Saturday night, this video is a snapshot of a part of Naples that seems insanely out of place. Amidst the conservative Republican town, there is this loud, raucous club that kicks ass and has high energy performers and patrons just wanting to have a good time.

The video follows Nina D'Nae and Veronica Bond as they prepare for their performances, while they're performing on stage, and shows what goes on in between shows.

The video is done by visual journalist Michelle Cassel, and the story and photos were done by Judy Lutz. It's a really cool video, and I hope it causes a lot of controversy in the wildly conservative town of Naples, Florida.

Here is the full story, with the page design by Fritz Otiker. Enjoy.


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Todd said...

Well done, well done, one and all1