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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Phonetic Phun with Phantastic Phelps Phucking Phenominality

Michael Phelps last night won his 7th gold in this Olympics in the 100 Fly.

By 1/100 of a second...That's faster than Bennifer's relationship.

In fact, how does one measure, practically speaking, that Phelps TRULY won that event?

To stop the clock one must touch the wall sensor, what if one sensor is 2/100 of a second stiffer than the next?
 [note: James is NOT going to link the word "stiffer," "touch," or "sensor," use your own gutter-ridden imagination]

Think about 1/100 of a second for a just did ONE-HUNDRED times.

Whatever...go US&A!

*Note #2: All phour of the men in this picture are FABULOUSLY heterosexual and LOVING it.


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