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Friday, October 31, 2008

Out of the Dungeon and into the French Revolution!

Wow...hard to believe that it's been this long since either of us have posted...

Part of the fun of being a video journalist is some of the freedoms you have and contacts you make along the way.

For instance, the Las Vegas Weekly web editor, Sarah Feldberg, contacted the Cirque Du Soleil people about creating a costume for her to wear for Halloween.

So two wardrobe people for KA at MGM agreed to go shopping at a thrift store for things to put together for a costume for her. The only catch was they could only spend $50 on the materials.

After they bought the costume, they took it back to their shop and sewed it together. Sarah then contacted the makeup supervisor for Zumanity, and got her make up and wig done.

The resulting video came from this experience, and it was really kick ass. Check it out:

Or read Sarah's blog here:


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